Shinjuku Incident

Movie Name: Shinjuku Incident
Label: Barking Cow Distribution
Editoral Review

Unreleased in mainland China due to its excessive violence, Derek Yee’s crime picture Shinjuku Incident is a rare attempt at serious drama for action star . As Steelhead, a taciturn mechanic who endures the punishing life of illegal Chinese immigrants in Japan while looking for a missing sweetheart, Chan drops his trademark balletic martial arts and broad comic style, and for the most part he’s successful at conveying the character’s basic goodness and dismay (and finally, anger) at the situation faced by his compatriots. is also fine as a hapless friend whose entanglement with gangsters forces Steelhead to team with the local yakuza for a gruesome showdown. Stateside audiences who’ve grown accustomed to Chan’s Mr. Nice Guy persona may find his darker turn, as well as the jaw-dropping violence, off-putting; fans of Asian action cinema, however, will appreciate Yee’s noirish aesthetic but may also be split over a Chan who displays neither his astonishing skills nor his considerable charm. –Paul Gaita

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