The Prestige

The Prestige
Movie Name: The Prestige
Label: Buena Vista Home Entertainment / Touchstone
Released: 2007-02-20
Editoral Review

Hugh Jackman, , and Scarlett Johansson are pure magic in THE PRESTIGE on Blu-ray Disc®. Dubbed “wildly entertaining” by Rolling Stone, this riveting tale is more astounding than ever in this dazzling new format. Two young, passionate magicians are friends and partners until one fateful night when their biggest trick goes terribly wrong. Now the bitterest of enemies, they will stop at nothing – including deceit and sabotage – to learn each other’s secrets. Experience their obsessive rivalry in eye-popping 1080p and resounding 5.1 48 kHz, 24-bit uncompressed audio. But remember, nothing is what it seems, so be prepared to watch over and over again as Blu-ray™ High Definition teases and tantalizes your senses!

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